Mrs. Kleen, LLC.


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Saturday by Appointment

Detroit, MI 48244-244

Monday-Friday 8am -


What We Do

Mrs. Kleen, LLC. specializes in making life easy for its clients.

• We customize cleaning routines for both commercial and residential customers.

• House sit when you go away from home

• Give that office, bedroom or closet that new organized look

• Free up your schedule by waiting for the repair person or vendor delivery

• Gift out items (clothing, dishes, pots & pans... etc) that come our way

We Offer:

• Innovative Scheduling

• Immense experience without an immense price

• Short-term and long-term assistance

Cleaning Tips:

1. Cough & Sneeze in your cave raising your elbow to your mouth or nose to shield the cough or sneeze

2. USE hand sanitizer as needed but WASHING your hands is better

3. At snack time try NOT to use one communal bowl this will cut back on the sharing of germs

4. Use disinfectant spray on the remote controls, ALL phones, key boards, door knobs, switches, I-Pods & all other regularly used items

5. Use disinfectant spray in the car, TV/family room, office & other high traffic areas

6. When packing away the spring/summer items remember to use a rubber container to avoid damage

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